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Website Solutions

At Sun Coast Designs, our mission is to motivate the economy by helping you to succeed in your business ventures. Need an internet presence?  We are here to help your business grow and focus on helping you succeed. We offer website development branding ~ logo design ~graphic design sound production ~ music production  audio /video services - Contact Us  We provide affordable solutions to suite your needs.  Sun Coast Designs is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Columbia Canada and have been providing quality service throughout Canada and abroad for 17 years. 

Drum Machine Software

PC Drummer 5

Music Sound Production Software Song Creation - combine patterns to create your own songs. Practice (play along for Guitar/s and other instruments) On-stage Performances - Perform with your new backup PC Drummer! Improve Drumming skills for drummers - Play along! Improve your timing skills! Internet Development - Apply to Multi-Media applications such as Flash or Powerpoint Presentations when you export from wav or midi. PC Drummer users receive a free midi drum kit! Full Access to PC Drummer's Pattern Library further details visit 

Drumkit Accessories

Our Drum Kit accessories require PC Drummer for you to access and use our drum software kits.  click here to see our accessories. Sun Coast Designs develops Drum Kit Accessories for PC Drummer and has been recognized as one of the best drum machine programs on the web.  Our company developed the web site and we are also the primary beta test contributor for this popular music program made by Benetrue - If you require any support for this program please contact Benetrue through the PC Drummer website. Sun Coast Designs only provides support for the Drum Kit Accessories that run on PC Drummer Pro software.  Thank you.

Canadian Culture

Directory Services

Visit our award winning website Canadian Culture dedicated towards helping fellow Canadians market their website in our online directory database.  Click here to go to Canadian Culture.

Sun Coast Designs develops music drum kit accessories modules for PC Drummer Drum all day long!
PC Drummer
PC Drummer Drum Kit Accessories
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