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For use with PC Drummer  All drum kit accessories require PC Drummer in order to function  

All Drumkit accessories require PC

Drummer in order to function.

Visit and purchase PC Drummer first, then come back

for the drum kit accessories. Hear more samples.

Sun Coast Designs has now developed a series of superb drum kits and more are in the works. *Reminder - these are drum kit accessories and require PC Drummer to function.  We accept payments with PayPal.  After you purchase one of our drum kit accessories - there is a link that takes you back to the our website to complete your download automatically. If you accidentally close the Paypal download link page, please contact us for further arrangements to receive the download. If you require further assistance in receiving the download of any Drum Kits we can handle direct downloads and provide you with quality support usually within a few hours of any transaction on regular business hours.
Bass Kit (5.22 MB) Hear Samples  a drum kit accessory of PC Drummer The bass kit is here! An effective combination of drums and bass sounds that allow you to fire the drummer and tell your bass player to go on a nice vacation! This kit is the first online drum machine with sequencer capabilities, giving greater flexibility and more control for song production. Real samples of drums and slap bass notes are used to produce rhythms and melodies all in one. PC Drummer makes it possible.
Reg. $10USD
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PC Drummer