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To use the drum patterns below, right mouse click Save target as to save the pattern onto your computer.
Then open PC Drummer and choose file and find location where you saved it.

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Adams Song.pcd
Pattern by Doug Willis –  for (Blink 182)
Created using Midi Kit

Rock beats in 4/4 timing
Created using PCDrum.kit.


Patterns by Martin Newman.
Rush Song, created using Precision Bass Kit.

Breaking Fevor
Pattern by Trex Band, Rock Beats in 4/4 timing.
Created using Wild Kit.

Breaking My Arms
by Ray McNally
Pop song by Ray McNally
Using Bass Kit.

Break Stuff
Pattern by Doug Willis
Break Stuff- Limp Bizkit, cool drum beats and breaks.
Created using Midi Kit

by George Benson
Contemporary beats -”ON Broadway, The Drifters
PCD designed for Bass Kit series.


Jazz tones by Ray McNally
Funky Jazz, classical standard ‘ Caravan originally by Duke Ellington, packed with variety of alternate patterns.

NA – Rock beat in 4/4 timing


Randy the Drummer, cool beats with great rhythm


Solid rock beats, 204 BPM – Unknown arrangement.


Pattern by Ray McNally
Actual song is called “Ray In the Middle” – Slow rock beat rock beat in 4/4 timing combined with a variety of other great patterns





Mables–  Blues Song by Ray McNally


Midds- Studio Kit Beats.pcd
Patterns by Ray McNally .  I have combined various patterns for my band The Midds to practice to called Midds patterns, and also combined some African, Disco, & Rock patterns to play with too using the Studio Kit.


New kit test.pcd
Interesting pattern arrangement with volume progressing.


Patterns for All Kits.pcd
– Variety of Patterns

Patterns by Paul Wertico
These are polyrhythmic patterns I use for teaching my students complex drumming.

Power Surge.pcd
– Progressive HiHat.

1-SRV-prideandjoy.pcd  Pride and Joy
Patterns by Marc Hamel  for (Stevie Ray Vaughn,).
Created using Bass Drum Kit.


Patterns by Marc Hamel  for  Rush.
Created using Bass Drum Kit.


Patterns by Jason Fella  using Midi Kit.
for “Somebody” – Bryan Adams.

Patterns by Joe Roberts


Patterns by Marc Hamel  for Stevie Ray Vaughn,
Created using Bass Drum Kit.


Pattern by Ray McNally  – Sample Demonstration of new Ultra kit (hear mono export – low resolution sample in mp3 format

Patterns by Marc Hamel  for U2
Created using Bass Drum Kit.


Pattern by M.Q.  – Walk This Way  – Aerosmith

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Free Drum Loops

PC Drummer – Free Drum Loops – This page is under construction. come back soon.

Free  Drum Loops, Free Wav Files!

(Royalty Free Drum Loops created using PC Drummer.)

PC Drummer is developed by Benetrue.   Free Drum Loops have been composed by Ray McNally, distribution provided by Sun Coast Designs.


  • This page is under construction.  Drum Loops will be coming soon. 
Pattern Library – Free Drum Loops

Pattern Library – Free Drum Loops




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