Hip Hop Kit-specifications

  Hip Hop Kit (15.40MB)
* requires PC Drummer 5

Select a music sample using the MP3 Flash player below
(Highlight the song and you will hear them)
You can also adjust the volume levels to suite your preference.

Sample 1: Hip Demo 1 - This song is the intro theme song of PC Drummer 5. (Play Sample from the above application)

Sample 2: Melt with Guitars This song uses a short drum loop I made for a new song I am developing. I repeated it 4 times. You will hear the Hip Hop Kit played with 2 guitars. I recorded this in on 3 tracks but it sounds like there might be 8. It's a cool song! Enjoy! (Play Sample from the above application) - Ray McNally

Sample 3: bashgroove.mp3 Latest Samples - I had a request to make a Hip Hop Song groove, which you will hear this Bash Groove Loop.

Sample 4: Joy Division Latest Samples - One of my favourite bands - I quickly made this tribute song to show that the Hip Hop Drum Kit can acccommodate various types of music. Can you guess which song this is similar too?

The Hip Hop Kit has various complimentary musical instruments such as a Trumpet and Saxophone, and Guitar Riffs, and a full Bass Scale, and Scratches and other Sound effects that you can use to enhance your music. It also contains a full arrangement of various Snare Drums, Toms, Bass Drums, and Cymbals. You will shake the house with this drum kit!

Rated by Users - 5*****

The Hip Hop Kit will move you in directions never experienced before.

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