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Music Software - PC Drummer
Sun Coast Designs supports community initiatives helping various clients develop stronger foundations with our branding business principles.    We specialize in Web Development, Software Development, Graphic Design, Logo Design, HTML, Java, Javascript, CGI, PHP, and Wordpress. We also develop music software and are involved in music production, sound engineering and sound mastering.     Sun Coast Designs’ experience uniquely equips us to provide quality products and business development services to our clients. About us - click here Accessories for PC Drummer - click here For further information feel free to  contact us.
 Music is everywhere, including inside the elevator. - Ray McNally
 Before you make something come to life, you need space to allow it to grow.  - Ray McNally
All drum kit accessories require PC Drummer in order to function (for PC only). Hear samples - click here 


Our Drum Kit accessories require PC Drummer for you to access and use our drum software kits.

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*All drum kit accessories requires PC Drummer

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DRUM KITS  Details for each drum kit  Price  Order Now 
Multi Kits  4 drum kits in 1 package - see more information
Multi Kits
4 drum kits in 1 package details (This Kit includes all 4 Kits involved in the Bass Kit Series development)

$40.00 USD

On Sale: $29.00

Studio Kit - see more information
Studio Kit

Reg. $10.00 USD  

HipHop Kit - see more information
Hiphop Kit

Reg.$10.00 USD  

Precision Kit - see more information
Precision Kit

Reg.$10.00 USD  

Jazz Kit - see more information
Jazz Kit

Reg.$10.00 USD  

Ultra Kit - see more information
Ultra Kit

Reg.$10.00 USD  

Bass Kit - see more information
Bass Kit

Reg.$10.00 USD  


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*All drum kit accessories requires PC Drummer.
The Multi- Kits
Buy The Multi Kits   A PC Drummer drumkit  accessory. $29 USD Seasons Greetings  Bonus offer: -  Also get the Studio & Hip Hop Kits - free download.  That’s 50% off for all 6 kits!
See more - click here