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For use with PC Drummer  All drum kit accessories require PC Drummer in order to function (for PC only).  


Our Drum Kit accessories require PC Drummer Pro for you to access and use our drum software kits.
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*All drum kit accessories requires PC Drummer

Prices in Canadian funds
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Multi Kits  4 drum kits in 1 package - see more information
Multi Kits
4 drum kits in 1 package details (This Kit includes all 4 Kits involved in the Bass Kit Series development)

$55.00 CAD On Sale: $40.00 

Studio Kit - see more information
Studio Kit

Reg. $14.00 CAD  

HipHop Kit - see more information
Hiphop Kit

Reg. $14.00 CAD  

Precision Kit - see more information
Precision Kit

Reg. $14.00 CAD  

Jazz Kit - see more information
Jazz Kit

Reg. $14.00 CAD  

Ultra Kit - see more information
Ultra Kit

Reg. $14.00 CAD  

Bass Kit - see more information
Bass Kit

Reg. $14.00 CAD  


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